english translation

(Translated from original letter)

UNION FENOSA Internacional                 28033 – MADRID  -  (Spain)


Madrid  ,  26 September 2005


Dear Sirs,

We hereby confirm that our Group of Companies, UNION FENOSA , is a stakeholder in several Spanish companies operating cogeneration plants with Diesel engines of various makes, which run on heavy fuel oil that has been treated with the additive “rb bertomeu” beco F1/ASF for over five years.

Because of the favourable results obtained with this additive in Spain, in terms of fuel savings, reduced corrosion and reduced encrustations of solids, it is also currently being used in our engines plant in PALAMARA in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, which has a power output of 102 MWe.

We authorise the publication of this letter for reference purposes whenever required.

Kind regards,



J. A. Hurtado de Mendoza y García
(Operations, International Generators)