english translation

(Translated from original letter)

MASA MADRID , S.A.                      E28100 ALCOBENDAS – Madrid – (Spain)

Dear Sir,

As the company responsible for the management of the operation and maintenance of the Ufefys cogeneration plant at Aranjez (Madrid), we are pleased to inform you that during the last overhaul of the DEUTZ 6.3Mwe engines, carried out at 10,496 hours in engine nº1 and 9,946 hours in engine nº2, we have observed the good condition of the inlet and exhaust valves, despite having increased the scheduled time between overhauls (TBO) by 47% and 25.6% respectively.

The operation data and the satisfactory results obtained are the following:

1 - Fuel used: fuel oil nº1, with normal quality characteristics.

2 - Additive used: rb bertomeu beco F1/ASF (as used before)

3 - TBO schedule: 3,000 hours

4 - Valve condition after normal TBO:
-      No corrosion in exhaust valves or valves bodies
-      No corrosion in inlet valves

5 - TBO of last working period:
-      Engine nº1: 4,406 hours (47% above normal TBO)
-      Engine nº2: 3,768 hours (25.6% above normal TBO)

6 - Condition of exhaust valves and valves bodies after this period:
-      No corrosion in 63 of the 64 valves and valve bodies in both engines
-      Slight corrosion in 1 valve

7 - Condition of inlet valves after this period:
-      No corrosion in any valve

8 - Average residues accumulated on exhaust valves:

                                 Previous overhaul                  Last overhaul
                                 average                                 carried out
Engine nº1                 2.61g                                    5.48g
Engine nº2                 3.05g                                    2.76g

We authorise the use of this letter for reference purposes.