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(Translated from original letter)


ACEITES DEL SUR  ,  COOSUR  S.A.  E23220 VILCHES – Jaén – (Spain)


Vilches  15 September 2005


Dear Sirs,

We hereby confirm that our Group of Companies, ACEITES DEL SUR-COOSUR, S.A., has an electricity generation capacity of 42MWe, using four Wärtsilä Diesel engines, model 12 V 46 B, running on heavy fuel oil.

We can also confirm that for over four years (from mid-2001 to the present) we have been treating the fuel oil with the additive “rb bertomeu” beco F1/ASF manufactured by your company. We are completely satisfied with regards to technical and economic results, and can affirm that all the initial objectives have been fulfilled in terms of the following points:

-        An average saving on fuel oil of 3.1% per KWhe produced

-        A reduction in fuel oil sludge of 65%

-        Doubled TBO for cleaning turbo-compressors, due to a reduction in accumulated deposits, with the TBO increased from 4,000 hours to 8,000 hours

-        The prevention of corrosion at high temperatures on valves and turbo-compressors


We authorise the publication of this letter for reference purposes whenever required.

Yours faithfully, 

Mr. Josu Ortuoste,
Cogeneration Plant Manager.

 [Signature and Official Stamp]

english translation

(Translated from original letter)


OLCESA - COOSUR                 TARANCON-VILCHES - (Spain)

Vilches 18 December 2003


Dear Sirs,

After more than two years’ experience using the additive “rb bertomeu” beco F1/ASF in our cogeneration plants at COOSUR in Vilches, Jaén province, and at OLCESA in Tarancón, Cuenca province, we have compiled sufficient real data to be able to calculate the reduction in fuel oil consumption attained by using this additive.  This reduction was estimated to be approximately 0.9% – 1.2 % in our letters of May 2002, which also gave details of a range of significant advantages that we observed when using this additive in both plants.

Both our cogeneration plants consist of two WARTSÏLA engines, type 12 V 46 B, with a power output of 10.5 MWhe each, running on fuel oil. The levels of fuel oil consumption per KWhe produced, before and after using the additive beco F1/ASF, are as follows:


Plant                          Year                  Fuel Type         Additive           Consumption(g/ KWhe)

COOSUR                 2000                   fuel oil              NONE                         201.5   

                                  2001                   fuel oil              NONE                         201.6

                                  2001                   fuel oil              beco F1/ASF                200.5

                                  2002                   fuel oil              beco F1/ASF                199.8

                                  2003                   fuel oil              beco F1/ASF                198.3 (-1.61%)


OLCESA                  2000-2001           fuel oil              NONE                         208.5

                                  2002                   fuel oil              beco F1/ASF                201.8

                                  2003                   fuel oil              beco F1/ASF                198.9  (-4.6%)


In the COOSUR Plant, even with engines perfectly adjusted in terms of fuel consumption prior to commencing the additive treatment, it may be observed that the use of beco F1/ASF has achieved a saving in fuel oil consumption of 3.25g/KWhe produced, equivalent to a saving of 1.61%. According to our calculations, which include measurements of the reduction in fuel sludge formed, this saving is due to:

        a) Improved utilisation of organic components of sludge as fuel:         0.40 %

        b) Improved combustion of the fuel oil:                                             1.21 %


In the OLCESA Plant, where the engines were not so well adjusted in terms of fuel consumption as those at COOSUR, it may be observed that the use of beco F1/ASF has produced a greater reduction in fuel oil consumption, to the extent that consumption falls to levels similar to those obtained in the COOSUR plant.  The resultant saving in fuel oil consumption comes in at either 9.6 or 8.15 g/KWhe produced, depending on whether the present consumption level is taken as that of the year 2003 or as the average for 2002 and 2003.  These values represent a saving in fuel oil of between 4.6 % and 3.9 % in comparison with the overall consumption levels prior to commencing additive treatment.  We consider this reduction to be due to several factors, including the reduction in fuel oil sludge, improved combustion of fuel oil, reduced deterioration of injection systems, etc.

We hereby authorise the circulation of this reference letter for use as you may see fit.

Best regards,

                                                                       Signature with Company Stamp

                                                                       Signed Josu Ortuoste

                                                                       Cogeneration Plant Manager

                                                                       Engineer of the Merchant Navy

english translation   


(Translated from original letter)

COOSUR – Aceites Coosur  S.A.               E23220 VILCHES – Jaen – (Spain)

21 May 2002


rb bertomeu S.A.

C/ Templers, 7

25002 Lleida



Dear Sirs,

The present letter is to confirm that we have regularly been using the heavy fuel oil additive supplied by your company, “rb bertomeu” beco F1/ASF in our co-generation plant, which is located in Vilches in the province of Jaén, and that the plant had been running for a long period before we started using this particular additive. The plant consists of two WARTSILA 12 V 46 B-Type engines, which run on fuel oil, with a power output of 10.5 MWe each.

If we make a comparison between the data corresponding to the period before using the additive and the current period (using the additive), we can observe that the regular use of the additive for heavy fuel oil “rb bertomeu” beco F1/ASF provides a series of improvements in the operation of our plant, of which the most important are highlighted as follows:


1.      The scheduled operational life is fulfilled for pumps and injectors of the fuel oil, without the increase in fuel consumption expected due to wear of these components, estimated at 2-3% by the engine manufacturers in the last phase of their operational life. This increase in fuel consumption - which is a gradual process from the installation of new pumps and injectors until their replacement as scheduled under the TBO – has not occurred with the use of the additive “rb bertomeu” beco F1/ASF: thus we calculate that, thanks to this, we have obtained an average saving on fuel oil of between 0.9% and 1.2% over the full TBO.

2.      The volume of sludge produced by fuel oil has decreased by 67%, while the need for cleaning the fuel oil filtration unit has been considerably reduced, as with the fuel line as a whole.

3.      The absence of corrosion on valves and turbos.

4.      A reduction in incrustation on valves and turbos. The latter permits us to clean the turbos less frequently, thereby increasing the time between cleaning (TBO of cleaning turbos) from 4,000 hours previously to the current 8,000 hours.

5.      Problems in combustion are prevented, with values normally below 3 on the Bacharach Index of opalescence, and CO content below 40mg/Nm3 in gases to the atmosphere (lower than 90mg/Nm3 for gases when O2 is 5%).


We authorise the circulation of this letter as a reference for any purpose.

Warm regards,


Signed : Josu Ortuoste,

Co-generation Plant Manager,

            Head Engineer for the Merchant Navy.