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Esteiro-Muros, 5th February 2001.

Dear Sir,

In reply to your request we are pleased to say that use of the "rb bertomeu" beco F2/A additive in our industrial installation at Esteiro-Muros (La Coruna), where we have 2 steam boilers type GEVAL NK-400, with a total capability of 8 Tm./h., has given us fully satisfactory technical and economic results within the expectations created before beginning the additive use in September 1999.

The most important benefits that we have detected, during the period of continued use to date, are the following:

Þ         Decrease of the fuel consumption per Tm. of steam produced, approximately 2%.

Þ         Elimination of carbon build up in the burners with maintenance reduction and greater operational continuity.

Þ         Reduction of fuel oil sludge with respect to the volume that was previously generated.

Þ         Less need to clean the fuel oil circuits and filters.

Þ         Notable decrease in residues adhered to the pipes of the boilers, which reduces the need for cleaning and raises the good use of energy, maintaining the useful surface area of the heat exchanger.

Þ         Easier removal of residues as they are more powdery and less hard.

Þ         Absence of black smoke due to incorrect combustion and reduction of CO, which means a reduction of pollution and fuel consumption.

We authorise the use of this letter for reference purposes.

english translation

(Translated from original letter)

CALVO ENERGÍA, S.A.U.             E15106 CARBALLO – La Coruña – (Spain)

Carballo 26th January 2001

Dear Sir,

Having recently complete 3 operational years of our Cogeneration plant, equipped with 2 DEUTZ MWM diesel engines, model 8V 16M-640, producing 6.35 Mwe each, which operate with fuel oil Nº1 and using the “rb bertomeu” additive beco F1/ASF from the beginning of operations in 1998, we reaffirm the valuations reflected in our letter of 1st February 1999 (having then completed the first year of operation) and we continue with the opinion that the continued use of the cited additive beco F1/ASF provides us with certain improvement in the aspects that we commented on:

-      Absence of combustion problems.

-      Absence of corrosion in exhaust valves.

-      Minimal encrustation in the exhaust gas circuit.

-      Large decrease in the generation of fuel oil sludge.

Furthermore, upon reaching 3 years in operation, with more than 16,500 working hours in each of the 2 engines, we have also been able to verify the absence of corrosion in turbofans and inlet valves, which we know have been detected in other similar plants with less working hours.

We authorise the use of this letter, for reference purposes.