english translation

(Translated from original letter)

ASE  - TRADEBE  Grupo  -  PORT ECOREL                             E-08039  BARCELONA - (Spain)

27 April 2005

Dear Sirs,


In response to your request, I am writing on behalf of the maintenance and operating personnel at the cogeneration installations of Port Ecorel A.I.E., owned by the TRADEBE Group, situated on the flammables terminal at Barcelona Port. We are pleased to confirm that, since August 2004, in our installations we have been using the additive “rb bertomeu” beco F1/ASF in the recovered fuel oil for our engine MaK (9M32) with a nominal power output of 4,320 KW.


The results obtained to date from the additive produced by your company are entirely satisfactory, both technically and financially, within the parameters expected at the outset of additive treatment of the fuel oil.


Initially, when using recovered fuel oil supplied by the industrial waste treatment plant ECOIMSA, incrusted residues formed on the turbo and combustion chamber, and cleaning of fuel separators and fuel filters was performed frequently.


With regular use of the additive rb bertomeu beco F1/ASF, added at 0.5 litres per tonne, first and foremost, the gas parts of turbos are cleaned less frequently, the service factor for cleaning separators has increased by a factor of three, and maintenance costs for injectors, separators and filters have been reduced. It is also evident that the arduous task of cleaning separator components and engine parts in contact with combustion is also quicker and easier.


Above all, we wish to express our satisfaction with your service and the interest you have always shown, as this has helped greatly to increase the productivity of our plant. Moreover, we authorise you to provide this document as a reference whenever it may be required.


Yours faithfully,



Josep Llobet,

Plant Manager, Port Ecorel.