english translation

(Translated from original letter)

ABENER ENERGIA                             E41018  SEVILLA – (Spain)

22 Nov 2002

Dear Sirs,

As your request we certify that since many time ago we are using the fuel oil additive "rb bertomeu" beco F1/ASF and also de Cleaner product "belim F" , both of them manufactured and supplied by your company. The products are used in the Co-generation plants which are managed by our Company and the obtained results , technical and economical, are as expected when we decided to use them.

In the plants where we are using regularly the additive "rb bertomeu" beco F1/ASF , we are consuming two type of fuels , Fuel oil nº1 and Fuel oil nº1 BIA , and , in both cases , we have detected big positive differences when the fuels are treated , from another periods when the fuels were not treated or were treated with additives from other different companies.

Our experience about the use of your fuel additive is applicable to Diesel engines manufactured by Deutz and Wärtsilä .

We authorise the circulation of this letter as a reference for any purpose.

Yours faithfully,

Signed : Angel Donaire Barduena
             Manager of Operation & Maintenance Department