(Translated from original letter)

ENERGYWORKS CARBALLO        E15100  CARBALLO - La Coruña – (Spain)

24 Nov 2002

Dear Sirs,

In  reply  to  your  request  we  are  pleased  to  comunicate  that  since  several  years  ago  we  have  been  using the fuel oil additive "rb bertomeu" beco F1/ASF , manufactured and supplied by your company. The obtained results , technical and economical, are very satisfactory and are as expected when we decided to use them.

The installation where we are using the above mentioned fuel oil Additive is our Co-generation Plant of Carballo , which is equipped with 2 engines DEUTZ model BV 16 M 640 , where we have been able to doubling the normal TBO of exhaust valves maintenance, thanks to the anticorrosion action of "rb bertomeu" beco F1/ASF additive. This among another advantages obtained from the use of that additive.

We authorise the exhibition of this letter as a reference for any purpose.

Yours faithfully,

Signed : Tomás López Curros
             Head Marine Engineer
             Co-generation plant Manager