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n. 6   

Maximum Vanadium allowed content.

Legislation passed on 15th December 2003 (R.D. 1700/2003) defines the specifications of the fuel oil sold in Spain, among other fuels, implementing the European Directive 2003/17/CE while compiling all specifications for fuels (petroleum spirit, diesel fuels, fuel oils, liquid gases and bio fuels) in a single legal text.
The specifications for fuel oils are laid down in the law passed on 4 December 1987 (R.D. 1485/1987) and the law of 16 March 2001 (R.D. 287/2001) that concerns the content in sulphur. Annexe IV of R.D. 1700/2003 (see above) compiles the specifications for fuel oils within a single Group:

Kinematic viscosity at 50ºC       (mm2/S)     380 max. (equivalent to 35 mm2/S at 100ºC)
Sulphur (*)                                    (% m/m)       1.0 maximum
Vanadium (*)                               (mg/kg)       300 maximum (equivalent to 300 ppm)
Flash point                                   (ºC)               65 minimum
Water                                             (% vol.)          0.5 maximum
Water and sediment                   (% vol.)         1.0 maximum
Ash                                                 (% m/m)      0.15 maximum
Potential sediments                   (% m/m)      0.15 maximum (related to stability)
High Calorific value                    (kcal/kg)       10,000 minimum
Low Calorific value                     (kcal/kg)         9,500 minimum

This sees the first introduction of a specification for vanadium, which is the main cause of corrosion on exhaust valves and turbo-compressors of Diesel engines running on fuel oil. The maximum value specified (300 ppm) is far in excess of the usual values recorded in recent years for Fuel BIA and Fuel No. 1 supplied to Cogeneration [power] Plants, with a range of 30-130 ppm and an approximate average value of 60-80 ppm. In such plants, the additive for fuel oil “rb bertomeu” beco F1/ASF has demonstrated, beyond all doubt, its efficiency in preventing corrosion.

The fuel oil additives “rb bertomeu” beco F1/ASF for cogeneration engines and “rb bertomeu” beco F1-Ship for marine engines protect valves and turbo-compressors from corrosion at high temperature caused by vanadates up to approximately 300 ppm of vanadium. Although the fuel oil supplied in Spain normally has a lower content in vanadium, the additive “rb bertomeu” has undergone industrial tests in Cogeneration [power] Diesel engines over several months and has proven to be a complete success with a fuel oil containing up to 250 ppm of vanadium, using the normal dosing of 0.5 parts per thousand.

(*) Note: In some countries heavy fuel oil and crude oil is consumed with high sulfur and vanadium contents that can exceed 700 ppm. The additive "rb bertomeu" beco F1/ASF neutralizes the corrosion due to high contents of Vanadium pentoxide and Sodium vanadates, adjusting the proper dosage.

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