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     The following comments respond to the article on the subject of the above title, published by the ARVI (a Spanish association of the fishing industry) in the special edition of the periodical publication Pesca Internacional dedicated to Engines, Fuels and Lubricants (November 2004).
      Fortunately, there are a growing number of positive voices and opinions about the benefits provided by the use of additives for fuel used in Diesel engines (fuel oil or Diesel oil). This coincides with the firm position we established far back in time, since when we have developed and tested the additives by "rb bertomeu" to ensure that they fulfil the three basic objectives stated in the aforementioned article published by the ARVI: savings on fuel, improved performance and prolonged life for engines.
     We are not just saying this now. We said this many years ago and we repeat the message, because it is proven that the regular use of our additives for fuel oil and Diesel oil by "rb bertomeu" brings a substantial improvement in the economics of engines (in ships, co-generation, machinery, etc.). By means of extensive fieldwork to monitor results, in collaboration with the proprietors of the engines, we have recorded significant improvements and savings, such as (not an exhaustive list) :

  • Average savings on fuel of 3% in engines with continuous operation schedules, where it is more difficult to obtain savings (engines for electricity generation). In engines running on a schedule with regular shutdowns (ships, machinery) the saving is always greater.
  • An increased operational life of valves and turbo-compressors of between 50 and 100%
  • Reductions in fuel oil sludge of between 50 and 80%
  • Reductions in mechanical maintenance costs of 30-50% (general overhauls)

     The article by the ARVI, concerns the Fishing Industry , and may be accessed below. It stresses that additives for fuel (and lubricants) have continually gained importance in recent years because the Industry realises that in order to keep running costs in check it is necessary to increase engine performance, to reduce fuel consumption and to prolong the life of engines; all these factors are accompanied by improved ecological performance resulting in reduced pollutant emissions from ships. Parallel to this, there is also a realisation that the above objectives may only be achieved by using excellent additives for fuel (in addition to using high-quality lubricant oils in conjunction with the fuel additive).
      It brings us satisfaction to be able to claim that our clients running large Diesel engines are completely satisfied with the excellent financial results provided by additives from "rb bertomeu", and we could say that our satisfaction is even greater when more and more third-party opinions are expressed that confirm our theories and proven facts in the field of the additive treatment of fuels.
     For further information on this subject, please consult the following documents from the publication Pesca Internacional and from rb bertomeu (click on the chosen title):
     - Complete Article from the ARVI in Pesca Internacional, No. 50, November 2004
     - Complete Article: Additive for Fuel Oil is not "Just Another Cost"
     - Reference letters from customers of rb bertomeu S.L.



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