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Additives based on magnesium are used in the neutralisation of the corrosive compounds that arise from the combustion of fuel oil, caused by the impurities of Sulphur, Vanadium and Sodium contained in the fuel :

  • Magnesium Oxide or Hydroxide Suspensions in water or kerosene : These formulae may by used in large combustion installations with burners, preferably by injecting the additive in the combustion gases. This type of product must NEVER be used in Diesel engines, as the presence of magnesium oxide could damage the engine. They are more effective at neutralising the corrosive effects of SO2 and SO3 at low temperatures than at neutralising the corrosive effects of vanadium at high temperatures. Furthermore, applying the dosage to the system is complicated due to the characteristics of the suspensions.
  • Magnesium Organic salts of Fatty acids(molecules-trade secret) SOLUBLES in HYDROCARBONS of the "rb bertomeu" aditives: These may be used in all types of installations, especially in engines or gas turbines that burn heavy fuel oil or crude oil . They are highly effective in neutralising the corrosive effects of Vanadium Pentoxide or Sodium Vanadates.

    The chemical synthesis process made by “rb bertomeu” produces the already mentioned Magnesium Organic salts of Fatty acids (molecules-trade secret) totally solubles in hydrocarbons where Magnesium is at the level of Magnesium ions 2+ with a radius of 72 picometers (a picometer is 1.000 times smaller than a nanometer).

    The surface reactivity of these Magnesium ions over conventional materials (oxides and hydroxides of Magnesium) is about 100 times higher.

    The additives with magnesium produced by “rb bertomeu” are the most reactive known to neutralize both the Vanadium and Sodium corrosion as well as the fuel oil ashes.

    Magnesium in the organic form soluble in hydrocarbons used in the additives from rb bertomeuhas been used since 1995 in installations with engines from several manufacturers
    . These additives protect engines from corrosion at high temperatures while they reduce incrustations of solids on the post-combustion gas circuit of the installation (heat exchangers, exhaust valves, turbo-compressors, etc.).

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